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Every drone has its characteristics, each work its requirements...
DJI Phantom 4 PRO
DJI Phantom 4 pro

Autonomy 30min
Range of action  7km
Video Resolution  4k
Photo Resolution  20Mpx
Sensors  30m, 360°
Speed 70 km/h in sport mode
live view 720p
Weight 1388g

DJI Mavic pro Platinum

Autonomy 30min
Range of action 7km
Video Resolution 4k
Photo Resolution 12Mpx
Noise reduction 4dB
Speed 65 km/h in sport mode
Stabilized 3 axis gimbal
Weight 734g
DJI Spark Combo
DJI Spark

Range of action 2km
Video Resolution 1080p 30 fps
Photo Resolution 12Mpx
Sensors 1/2.3" CMOS
Speed 50 km/h in sport mode
Gesture mode
Weight 300g
DJI Matrice 100
DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Autonomy 55min
Range of action 15km
Indipendent flight for photogrammetry missions
Autonomus flight for photogrammetry missions
6-way detection and positioning
Primary navigation screen
IP45 protection
Weight 3600g (without battery) 6300g (with 2 TB60 batteries)
DJI Spark Combo
Osmo Mobile 3

Orizontal rotation: da 162,5° a 170,3°
Roll: da 85,1° a 252,2°
Inclination: da 104,5° a 235,7°
Maximum controllable speed 120°/s
Bluetooth 5.0 low energy
App: DJI Mimo
Weight 405g
Compliance with legislation...

Although most people see drones as simple toys, reality is quite different, although drones are divided into categories of different weight, they can cause serious damage to things and / or people, so it is good practice to observe all the contraindications to avoid unpleasant inconveniences, assuming that the pilot is authorized and recognized by the Enac to "drive" drones that must in turn be registered with the same entity and be in possession of a real plate present on both the medium and on the joystick, civilian insurance, and a number of documents to carry always behind.

So for your safety and for that of others, do not entrust yourself to abusive and improvised pilots, first of all, respecting the rules...
The right choice...

When a drone airplane is entrusted, it is crucial for the professional to make the right choice on the vehicle to use ... All the drones we use capture unique quality frames but this does not mean that one is worth the other, the team must choosing the drone best suited to the customer's needs in relation to the place where the shooting takes place, many factors need to be considered. The wrong choice for using a medium rather than another might compromise the success of the service.

Only the experience and knowledge of every single drone can make the right choice...
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